1. About me: (Rafael D’Andrea)

I was probably one of the the first non-American authors that have systematized the shopper marketing overall thinking in 2010, turning it into a book with a couple of Professors (2011, ed. Atlas), and a discipline in my home country, where I wrote some of the best selling books about shopper and trade marketing. I hold a master’s degree from INSEAD and own a research/shopper marketing agency focused in emerging markets, based in Sao Paulo since 2005. Our biggest challenge? Breaking and entering (or altering) the global brand strategies to fit them into the Latin American shopper mindset, or as I call it: “tropicalizing the global guidelines”. It takes a lot of research, rationale, and insight to convince global brand managers that some parts of the world are just different, and need a different approach, but once they see that it works, they are usually fine with that.

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2. What I am working on right now:

I’ve just finished the development of a new framework for shopper marketing. My new baby.
Shopper marketing thinking dates back one decade and was in need for a revamp. I am probably the first author that have systematized the shopper marketing thinking, turning it into a discipline in our country. Now my new model goes beyond the physical presence in-store, reviewing the old shopper journey that was based in the location of the shopper in-store, to a journey based in the moments of the person who takes the role of a consumer or a shopper.
The biggest quality of this new model is that if finally integrates consumer and shopper marketing, a long needed re-thinking for a digital world where you can be both or none, no matter where you are, home, supermarket, work, etc., due to the mobile capacity to access data, e-commerce and social platforms.
I called it the “omnichannel shopper markerting framework”. The “quick start guide” represents the structure of a new book that I am planning to write about the topic.
I have already created a 40min / 1.5 hour / 4 hour workshop with cases, concepts and applications. The idea is to refresh shopper marketing thinking by integrating it with consumer marketing concepts such as consumer/shopper need-states, moment-based journey, decision-points, touchpoint-based branding, etc. My intention is to create a webinar later, but right now it is only face-to-face. I am also working with my team in a 1.5 day learning experience about it for executives and agencies. The “Accelerators Mission” – as we call the methodology internally is designed to integrate the new shopper marketing concepts and tools into the corporate and creative environments. It’s a mashup of new qualitative marketing research methods with game/design thinking/coaching and content intended to really boost transformation from within in our clients organizations. It is usually a fun real-life problem solving activity. It is faster and easier to implement than consulting jobs because it uses the team as catalysts of transformation. We just provide the method, an expert (for sanity check purposes) and different perspectives (lenses) that are based on research methods new to shopper marketing. We’ve tried ‘Accelerators Mission” with some clients and got excellent results, and most importantly, their ownership of the solutions.

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4. How to reach me
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